SPAR GD Signed Partnership Agreements

Published on: 2015-06-09
SPAR GD Signed Partnership Agreements with Independent Retailers
On May 26th 2015, the signing ceremony of SPAR Lifestyle Supermarket partnership kicked off at the central office of SPAR Guangdong, the managers of Lifestyle Supermarket Mr. Xu Wenxiong, Mrs. Cheng Guihua, Mr. Yang Ping and Mr. Zhang Wenbing awarded as the first four internal contracted partners when succeeded at 4-rounds of internal assessments and selections. Chairman of SPAR Guangdong Mr. Hu Jintai signed the partnership agreements on behalf of the company with the four partners, deputy chairman Mr. Dan, Director of Lifestyle Supermarket Partnership Division Mr. Zhang Guiliang, and Director of Marketing Division Mr. Lv Xiu participated in the signing ceremony. 

Chairman Hu extends his congratulations to the first four strong and hardworking SPAR partners, and expects four partners adhere to their business commissions and responsibility, work together for mutual retail opportunities and build up a prosperous future. 

Lifestyle Partnership Program includes multiple flexible and efficient patterns of cooperation for potential partners. All of the authorized SPAR partners have access to the business network of SPAR Guangdong, and the resources of brands, store, assets and products. As for varies of partnership patterns, 1) the internal contracted partnership program shall provide the managers and operators with opportunities of business learning and training; 2) internal independent retailers program shall assist those individuals to realize their dreams of being their own boss, and at the same time hold their current positions at SPAR family; while 3) external independent retailers program shall offer great investment opportunities for capable retailers who already have had their own retail stores. This move is obviously another welfare policy that will be beneficial to SPAR people.  

Chairman Hu said, “Partnership is a shifting of SPAR Guangdong’s cooperation patterns, and is also an important strategy to drive the implementation of “stable company” and “ happy SPAR people” concept, we hope SPAR partners, including firms and independent operators, are benefit from this partnership program.
This move is an adjustment of current business map for the boom of small size stores over the next years, and is also an innovative reform for the business format based on the sound distribution system and management strengths established through the previous two three-years plans. Chairman Hu thinks, small size stores will seize the dominant shares along with the growing presence in the market over the coming years, however, strong and efficient infrastructures and store supporting system is a must as well.
Chairman Hu gives an example: provided that a small size store is purchasing a small volume of milk products, but this request is refused due to the order is far from the minimum ordering quantity. This awkward problem shall be solved and will be immediately distributed from SPAR Guangdong’s own distribution center, because SPAR Guangdong has its own DC and efficient transportation system.  
When a professional business manager grows to be a business partner, he or she shall turn from a store manager into a store proprietor, think and behave differently, make a qualitative improvement on his or her store operation and management capabilities.

Chairman said, “SPAR Guangdong is commissioned to provide partners with the strongest and best resources on training and management to ensure the success of this partnership program. Meanwhile, it also expects partners of SPAR Guangdong make even bigger gains and mutually benefit from this move. It is greatly encouraging to see the first 4 partnership retailers of SPAR Guangdong set up their business successfully, develop to be the benchmark of SPAR Guangdong partnership program, and encourage more excellent managers to participate in SPAR Guangdong partnership program.”
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