SPAR GD Sponsorship PRD Charity Week

Published on: 2012-12-27
SPAR Guangdong Sponsorship PRD Charity Week
As for the long brand tradition of SPAR, sponsored charity events for children have always been on the agenda. On Dec 15th, Saturday, PRD charity week kicks off at SPAR Guangdong Star River shopping plaza, with a lot of people involved for this exciting event. It goes to the end on 22 December Saturday 2012.

This campaign was lead by the Communist Youth League of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Guangdong Volunteer League, and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Nanfang Daily, including show performed by New Migrants’ Children and autistic children, recreations as well as charity sales. SPAR Guangdong has this delightful chance to join the on-site sales campaign following a great charity carnival.

Charity sales open from the morning 11 o’clock to the evening 8 o’clock at the booths in front of SPAR store, ranges includes laundry lotions, tissues, cooking oil, and kitchen wares as well as home decoration supplies. All money raised from the charity sales will be collected and transferred to the special bank account for”PRD Charity Week”.
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