SPAR GD the 3rd New Migrants Caring Program

Published on: 2014-06-03
SPAR Guangdong the 3rd New Migrants Caring Program
On May 15th, SPAR Guangdong join hands with Wanglaoji to launch the third new migrants caring program targeting to create a more significant and plentiful summer vocation for migrant worker’s children.

When most kids look forward to the summer vocation, many migrant workers’ children from poor families feel frustrated and anxious. As during their summer vacation period, Mom and Dad are too busy earning a living to accompany them, where is a good place for them to enjoy their amazing vocation and make their parents feel relieved? When they back to school, how about the tuition for the coming school semester? "New Migrants Service Center " can provide safe spaces for children to learn and play, but we need more tables and chairs, bookcases, books and the like, we are looking forward to your assistance, dedicating your love to support “New Migrants Program” and give those children a happy summer vocation.

Up to July 31st, every one case of boxed Wanglaoji drinks sold at the stores at Dongguan of SPAR Guangdong equals RMB 1 yuan was donated to “New Migrants” charity fund via Wanglaoji.

Worth to mention, all those fund raised shall be only used to support “New Migrants Program”. “New Migrants Program” was initiated and founded by Nanfang Dushi Newspaper targeting to serve the migrant worker’s children at Pearl River Delta regions. Learning from the pattern of Dongguan Gekeng Community Service Center, “New Migrant Program” service points are established at the catchments of migrant worker’s children or within ten minutes' walking distance of schools. Desks, computers, books and sports facilities are available at every service points, children are welcome to participate 4:30 Classroom, Psychology Roundtable, Sponsorship Action and the like activities served by designated professional social workers. We believe, your love will benefit new migrants’ children living at New Migrant service points, make them no longer alone.
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