SPAR GD "Trip with kids" Summer Camp

Published on: 2016-08-18
SPAR Guangdong "Trip with kids" Summer Camp for Children from Migrant Worker Families
With the development and progress of our society and the rising economy stress, many parents have to work at places far away from their home to seek for a better life for their families and leave their young children behind. Left-behind children have to manage their physical and mental growth alone, which lead to a lot of complications.

The 2th “Trip with kids” Summer Camp event jointly sponsored by SPAR Guangdong and Unilever kicked off during the summer holidays from August 8 to August 12, bringing about an exciting summer activities for left-behind children. 34 children from different areas and a lot of SPAR volunteers are invited to join in those funny and meaningful activities. To give those left-behind children a very unforgettable independence experience in Dongguan, Guangdong province, this summer camp allows them to join in outdoor training, visit college campus, take a sightseeing tour and more, a great chance to build up their willpower, confidence and communication skills.

“We organize an 5-day summer camp for left-behind children together with Unilever and social volunteers, give those children not only an special experience outside of school, but also help them to understand the value of teamwork, to enhance the sense of responsibility, and to made them a independent, strong and confident people.”said the spokesman of SPAR Guangdong:“This event is also a great opportunity for our SPAR people and volunteers to do something useful for our society and a good demonstration of SPAR and Unilever brand commitment, appealing to an increasing number of citizens to care for the growth of left-behind children in China.”

SPAR Guangdong has continued its involvement in commonweal programs together with Unilever. Last year, SPAR and Unilever provided “Jingxin Green Backpack” for children, donate money to plant artificial grass in region of Tibet Plateau to improve local ecosystem, organize fundraising bazaar to support children in need.

SPAR Guangdong shall continue to support the community center “SPAR JR Happiness Garden”, focusing on the physical and mental growth of children and education from poor migrant worker families. So far, SPAR has totally run 3 community-based service centers in Dongguan, Guangdong province.
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