SPAR GD Volunteer Tree Planting Event

Published on: 2015-04-03
SPAR Guangdong Volunteer Tree Planting Event
On March 21, a team of SPAR Guangdong volunteers set off from the base of company to Songshan Lake for a volunteer tree planting event. “Plant more trees on our earth” is the theme of this event, appeal to citizens do something to protect our earth and make our environment more beautiful. This event is greatly supported by the management from up to down in the company, and employees are very exciting about it. Many of their families joined in this event as this is a great chance to let their children know the significant of environment protection. There are almost 2000 trees are planted on the day, which is a beautiful sight under the dome.

About SPAR Guangdong volunteer team: SPAR Guangdong volunteer team organized many activities for public welfare since its establishment in year 2011, it has impressive footprints all the way in volunteer service field in Dongguan, maintains the responsibility of an excellent company.
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