SPAR GD VP as Head of DG Retail Association

Published on: 2015-04-03
SPAR GD VP Re-elected as Head of Dongguan Retail Association
The fifth Dongguan Retail Association (DGRA) membership congress is organized afternoon on March 11th at Pullman Hotel. The new leadership are appointed in the secret ballot elections in the presence of officers of Dongguan social community management bureau, SPAR Guangdong vice president Mr. Liang Zhonghua won and re-elected as the head of Dongguan Retail Association.

At the session of innovation, SPAR Guangdong distribution center coordination manager Li Xihua gave his speeches and shared the innovative concept of night-shift goods delivery and goods-in. He introduced, it happens when we use the advantage of information technology and establish a mutual-confidence mechanism between store and logistic transportation department. He also disclosed related data to show how efficiency it is.

DGRA guest expert Xu Yinzhou thinks highly of SPAR Guangdong’s innovation, he said, logistic is the weakest part for e-commerce players, it is a right option for chain store companies to upgrade their logistic technology and make it competitive in the market. 

Central management of logistic procedures including information, transportation, warehouse, inventory, uploading and unloading, packaging is the key to enhance a company’s competitiveness. At present, the space for company’s internal adjustment is limited, while goods delivery and goods in just one of it, and has many opportunities to develop in the future.

The new board of management and supervisor are formed by the secret ballot elections, Mr. Liang Zhonghua is re-elected as the head of DGRA with over 50% of votes from membership units of the association. The chief of Dongguan Bureau of Commerce He Yuepei send Mr. Liang Zhonghua the plaque. Mr. Liang Zhonghua gave his speech on the day concentrating on the retailing business under new normal environment.
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