SPAR GD Win 10 Years Contribution Award

Published on: 2012-12-27
SPAR Guangdong Win 10 Years Contribution Award
Nanfang Daily 10th anniversary ceremony was grandly opened on the evening of 13 December 2012 under the theme: on the way. Old and new friends of Nanfang Daily are invited to review the experiences and stories that happened in the past ten years. More awards are giving at the ceremony, including Y2012 Golden Real Estate, Annual Brand Enterprise, 10 Years Corporate Responsibility as well as 10 Years Contribution. SPAR Guangdong presents at this magnificent ceremony and wins the awards of 10 years contribution.

In the past decades, SPAR Guangdong has devoted to developing charity events and activities in relation to fundraising for Wenchuan earthquake, plan for New Immigrants’ children joining hands with Nanfang Daily and Gekeng community service center, and so forth. At this month, SPAR Guangdong also joined in the charity sales campaign of PRD Charity Week.
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