SPAR Guangdong expands the brand in Zhanjiang

Published on: 2020-07-31
SPAR Guangdong Jiarong plans to open its first SPAR brand store at Wongtee Plaza after entering into an agreement with the property owner Wongtee Davis Group, reflecting the SPAR brand expansion into a new city Zhanjiang, the western Guangdong province, bringing in quality lifestyle and fresh shopping experience for local customers. 

Commenting on this move, Mr. Dan Yunfeng, the VP of SPAR Guangdong and regional chairman of western Guangdong market said:“Jiarong has been developing retail business in Guangdong for 28 years. In 2006, we joined the international retail group SPAR, growing with International SPAR’s leading retail concept and knowledge. Today, we own and operate over 100 SPAR brand stores in various regions and cities of Guangdong. The western Guangdong expansion strategy was launched in 2019. Zhanjiang is the first city to grow our presence in this region. Partnering up with Wongtee Group, we have strong faith in our store opening in Wongtee Plaza, taking efforts to improve quality of life for local residents.”

 Mr. Cao Jian, CEO of Wongtee Davis Commerce, commented: “After visiting various SPAR stores, I was impressed very much by instore look and feel, category assortment and its high sense of quality. Zhanjiang Wongtee Plaza enjoys a great location, surrounded with various leading real estates including Wanda, Poly, Evergrande, China Merchants Property. SPAR Guangdong also made decision after its field trip. Next step, for mutual benefits and complementarity, we shall work together to launch the store on schedule.” 

Worth to mention, SPAR stores continue to serve our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring adequate food supplies, stabilized goods price, and safe shopping environment. SPAR Guangdong’s efforts and capacity were highly applauded by the municipal government. The proposition of Wongtee Plaza is highly consistent with that of SPAR brand. SPAR Guangdong team shall fully engage with Wongtee team to ensure the success launch of its first SPAR store in Zhanjiang. 

With strong expansion plan in 2020, SPAR Guangdong shall take initiatives to push its regional development in Central, Eastern, Western and Northern part of Guangdong market, creating an easier, more pleasant and customer-centered shopping destination for local citizens, and achieving its vision - being the top brand choice for shoppers.

Wongtee Plaze, the first property project in Western Guangdong of the Wongtee Group, has a commercial area of 130,000 square meters. Located at the CBD of Zhanjiang Development Zone, it is developed to be a modern family shopping destination, serving more than 1 million local residents and communities. With growing business opportunities and modern neighborhoods, SPAR Guangdong is fully convinced to launch a SPAR store at this site and put it as the first footprint for its brand expansion in the city.

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