SPAR Guangdong named citizens’ favorite brand and champion in the fight against COVID-19

Published on: 2020-12-23
SPAR Guangdong was listed as the prestigious Dongguan Citizen’s Favorite Brand run by local Newspaper Media Group. The Group revealed 31 citizens’ favorite brands of 2020 on December 16, celebrating outstanding brands who are serving their communities at the highest level. 

At the Dongguan Municipal Awards Ceremony on December 10, SPAR Guangdong was also awarded the Champion in the Fight Against COVID-19 by local government, recognized for playing a remarkable role in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic. Among 125 champions across the city, SPAR Guangdong is the only retailer to receive this prestigious award.  

Reliable and safe grocery supply
When the COVID-19 pandemic first outbreak at the beginning of the year, SPAR Guangdong immediately organized a work group to advance the fight against COVID-19. With their global supply chain and resources, the partner took steps to ensure over 140 retail stores are under normal operations and have a reliable supply of safety products, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, daily groceries in steady price. For social distancing, contactless home delivery service was implemented to help prevent the spread of the virus, making sure citizens stay home safe and have food on their table. 

Support local farmers
During the COVID-19 lockdown, distribution of agricultural products was strongly affected. Especially, farmers in towns of Tangxi, Dongkeng have lost ability to sell their harvest. SPAR Guangdong stepped up to increase their purchase. At the same time, all fresh produce available at SPAR stores were sold at a fair price.

Appreciate healthcare workers and their family
At the very beginning, personal protective equipment (masks, safety goggles, sanitary cleansers), instant food, drinking water and materials are in short supply, endangering the safety of front-line healthcare workers alike during the COVID-19 pandemic. SPAR Guangong, worked together with Dongguan Chamber of Commerce and Women’s Federation, distributed daily essentials and sanitary products for healthcare workers and their families.

Work opportunities 
The pandemic has forced a number of people into unemployment. SPAR Guangdong is helping people get back into the labor market. People who have struggle to find jobs are welcomed to work at SPAR Guangdong store. 

Corporate social responsibility 
Apparently, initiatives to fight against COVID-19 pandemic are just kind of the epitome of their commitment of responsible retailing. Over the past years, the partner has never stopped engaging in good causes like education, poverty relief, sports and culture, environmental protection, as well as public services.  

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