SPAR Guangdong Opens 3 Life Stores in August

Published on: 2019-08-23

The life store format of SPAR Guangdong has always been very popular among local customers. In this August, SPAR Guangdong opens another 3 life stores in just one month, showing its strong expansion development. Recently in China, smaller formats have much stronger performance compared with big hypermarkets. That's why SPAR Guangdong also pushes for more Life Store formats.

SPAR Life Store Zhangmudou
Open on August 25, this SPAR Life Store is the first in Zhangmudou Town of Dongguan city. With an area of 400 sqm, it combines both the convenience and variety of fresh products for local residents.

SPAR Life Store Gaobu
Open on August 19, with a sales area of 280 sqm, the Gaobu store is located in Gaobu town of Dongguan city, and inside Xilong Harbor, the largest community neighborhood of Gaobu Town.

SPAR Life Store Humen
Open on August 11, although with a sales area of only 200 sqm, it has a quite comprehensive product ranges, from vegetable & fruits, to meats & seafood, imported food, drinks, instant food, seasoning, kitchenware, housing, etc., to provide a better shopping experience for the customers of the Humen International Mansion.

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