SPAR Guangdong Ties Up with Ffan

Published on: 2017-04-05
SPAR Guangdong Ties Up with Ffan to Launch “Physical Store + Internet” Program
SPAR Guangdong Jiarong Supermarket Co and Ffan jointly organized a press conference at SPAR South China Mall on March 25 2017, announcing the cooperative relationship with ffan to connect “physical store + internet” technology at 73 SPAR stores at regions of Dongguan, Guangzhou and Huizhou. This move reflects a higher level of cooperation achieved between SPAR Guangdong and ffan, and innovative approaches SPAR Guangdong is experiencing to new retailing opportunities in 2017.

SPAR Guangdong shall provide ffan with extensive user resources and data based on its strong market presence, intensive retail store network and a large number of shoppers. While ffan provide SPAR Guangdong with full “physical store + Internet” solution allowing SPAR Guangdong to use ffan online operation and management platform and supporting shared membership, points system, big data and marketing. This initiative is designed to bring consumers with enhanced online and offline shopping experience, serve customers’ daily life including fashion, food, accommodation, travel, tour, shopping and entertainment.
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