SPAR Guangdong Unveils Two Stores

Published on: 2015-08-04
SPAR Guangdong Unveils Two 170㎡ Lifestyle Stores
On July 25, two SPAR Lifestyle stores - Jinghu Rongjun store and Yifeng Compound store - are grand open, making a new brand presence at the busy south residential community and north commercial circles respectively, offering the busy citizens with an innovative way of shopping and entertainment.

New Format of Small-size Retail Store
The new openings of Jinhu Rongjun Store and Yifeng Compound Store are small-sized lifestyle store with sales area of 170 square meters, a new retail format of SPAR Guangdong after the upgrading of Hongtu Store and presence of 170㎡ store at the stadium of Sudirman Cup.

Those new stores are designed with open-style “Happy Kitchen”, offering customers with home-like atmosphere with diversified meals and ready-to-eat food. Chef will prepare egg-tart, sandwiches, breads and fresh-served meals at store for busy office workers, as well as offer good food for take away.

"Small-size lifestyle store” is an innovative new format developed by SPAR Guangdong by looking into SPAR International’s best practice and operation concepts. There are three different types of this new “small-size lifestyle store” by varies of operation areas – 170㎡, 280㎡and 500 ㎡. The innovative concept of this project is the integration of busy life and slow life, combination of easy shopping and quality lifestyle based on customer’s consumption demands so as to enrich SPAR Guangong’s business formats and enhance strength, and finally grow to be a good neighbor of residence living at the community.

As the initial and trial one of 170㎡ lifestyle store, Yifeng Compound Store and Jinghu Rongjun Store are trying to put the core concept of small-size lifestyle store into practice of store planning and construction.

 Good Life Partner of Busy Urbanites
It is easy to find that this is more than a traditional retail store but an innovative lifestyle destination in the context of new normal environment with diversified value-added services.

This new format develops a “Happy Kitchen” and customer rest area in addition to general meals, snacks, fruits & veg., food to go, wines & drinks, daily supplies, office stationery, magazines, offering free WIFI service and power recharge station for customers, easy shopping, convenience and customer-friendly. Catering for the time of general residence and office workers, hours of operation shall exceed 16 hours. Customers are welcome to enjoy meals and drinks at the café area of this store with free WIFI, glasses cleaning, mobile phone recharge and hot water service.

Moreover, it provides the services of game currency recharge, mobile phone payment, transport card recharge/payment, credit card payment, order home delivery and the like, payment via recharge card, union bank card, alipay are acceptable in those stores. Customer can choose to place their orders on and pick up their orders at store.
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