SPAR Guangdong's Charity Event

Published on: 2015-08-04
SPAR Guangdong's Charity Event Together with Unilever
On July 26, SPAR Guangdong work together with Unilever again and plan a new charity program “Love series summer camp – accompany children to grow up”, 35 children from SPAR Jiarong Happiness Garden and volunteers joined in this 6-day summer camp.

This summer camp is designed to care for left-behind children, strength their minds, self-confidence and strong, good communication skills by lots of activities and training courses, hopefully they have an unforgettable independence trip at an early age.

SPAR Guangdong continues to care for the health growth of left-behind children. In the past four years, SPAR Guangdong has devoted to helping new immigrants plan by donate money to the new immigrants service station for sites rental, purchase books, desks and chairs, support summer vocation and winter vocation activities, set up poor students scholarship, and raise money for the service center. On July 10, SPAR Guangdong and Unilever jointly organized an “2015 Hazeline – Jing Xin Green School Bag” action, inviting Mrs. Yi Nengjing, one of the initiator of “Jing Xin New Library Foundation”, give an public class to “new immigrants” on the topic of “What is love”, which a good social awareness and brand reputation achieved.

SPAR Guangdong’s partnership with Unilever for charity events caring for the health growth of children is based on the common charity concept. SPAR Guangdong hopes that more social individuals and companies to care for and support left-behind children by initiating or involving in this kind of event.

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