SPAR Henan Unveiled Two More Stores

Published on: 2014-12-01
SPAR Express entrance with SPAR logo
SPAR Henan Unveiled Two More Stores
 SPAR Henan is continuing its rapid expansion with the opening of a SPAR Express and a SPAR Supermarket in Kaifeng, Henan in Oct. 2014, offering shoppers with contemporary environment and comfortable shopping experience.

SPAR Henan has already renovated and opened 3 SPAR stores in Kaifeng up to date since it entered partnership agreement with SPAR, among which, two stores are located at the urban district and the other store is located at Qi County. Benefiting from the competitive location at downtown and busy residential area, as well as the strength and resources of SPAR international, the local retailer Sanmao sparkles again.

Customers are delighted with the improved interior atmosphere, modern shopping environment and fresh produce offered in store, the response from shoppers are overwhelming on the first day. The new stores are equipped with best retail operation practice, management technology and central buying and merchandising strategies, meanwhile, various store formats are specially designed fulfilling different customer's demands. Compare with the old store, the renovated new stores are designed with better and clearer shopping signage, more compact item merchandising practice, as well as more diversified products offered in store, which create an comfortable and easy shopping experiences.

"The store organized various campaigns like special offers, WOW deals, fine gifts on October 22 the first day, it was a great success on the opening day." introduced by SPAR Fanta Store's staff.

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