SPAR Henan's European Tour

Published on: 2015-07-02
SPAR Henan's European Tour: Zero Distance Contact with SPAR Austria
“SPAR Henan will do better business with support and consultation of SPAR International.”Chairman Mr. Yang Yong and President Zhu Hong said.

During May 10th to 16th, a young Chinese couple, SPAR Henan’s chairman Yang Yong and president Zhu Hong, appeared in Vienna, the capital city of Austria, partaking in the 60th SPAR International Congress as one of SPAR partners from China.  

Walking into SPAR Congress venue together with SPAR retailers and peers from worldwide, visiting various SPAR supermarkets, SPAR Express, SPAR Gourmet opened at Vienna Airport in 2013 made the Chairman of SPAR Henan Yang Yong  more confident that he has made a exactly right decision to join in SPAR group a year ago.   

See the Creditable SPAR Stores in Austria
SPAR stores in Austria are developed in an elegant, clear and clean, prominent luxury style, shoppers are eager to shop even they just see the brand of SPAR at the entrance. Before join in SPAR Group, SPAR Henan has least opportunity to learn the store design knowledge, especially not fully understand the objective and principle of store design with a relatively poor store design. But now, SPAR Henan is pleased to say we are growing and learning how to make small big make big bigger, how to create pleasant shopping atmosphere through visual, sound and smell appeal.    

Good Merchandising Lures Shoppers to Buy
“In the age of information explosion, it is hard to make consumers remember our brands, however, the fixtures, materials and merchandising practice provided by SPAR can support us to make our brands more prominent, it is ourselves to decide who is the hero on our shelves. ” With SPAR, many local supermarkets are dramatically changing both internally and externally. SPAR brings local retailers with the modern European retail management know-how and practice, greatly improves the products merchandising effects by use of space and vertical height, color banding and cross merchandising.

Check “Fresh” at the Origin of the Supply Chain
Fresh and value is the most important part of SPAR concept. All modern stores in international retail world stick firmly to the “fresh” concept, the fresh products available at store are daily shift even the high wastage products, speaking for value, all product are offered in a valued price based on its high quality of freshness. Where is “fresh” from? How to purchase the right products satisfying the requirements od both customers and retailers? This is the first key part of supply chain management. Fresh at sources, then Fresh at stores. To offer the most freshness products at store level, we must check the freshness at the origin of the supply chain. 

Modern Logistics Attract More Business Opportunities

SPAR Henan distribution center has much weakness on business operation even though it is now the largest commercial distribution center in Kaifeng, the capital city of Henan province. Building a large-scale distribution center is a critical move for Chinese retailing development. With hypermarket expansion, small-size stores, independent retailers, O2O integration, supply chain collaboration, as well as fresh direct purchase, the core of logistics is back to basic in realizing supply chain value. SPAR successfully provides Chinese membership partners with an efficient way to fully understand logistics and information technology, and bring us more business opportunities.
SPAR Henan shall put all advanced concepts and knowledge into practice after this Austria tour. At present, SPAR Henan is capturing and studying on the basic logistic information, detailing the distribution costs for multi-formats, setting up benchmark for transportation management, and improving its supply chain management practice.  

On the Pursuit of SPAR Commitment  
SPAR Henan’s delegates were greatly touched by SPAR people’s sincere, diligent, efficient work attitude. To achieve success, they require your sustained personal attention to success and to SPAR commitment.

Learn from World-class Retailers
During this tour, SPAR partners, Chinese or international memberships, work together, share their thoughts and best practice, identify the challenges and problems, correct them at the right time, which greatly influencing the old operation concepts of SPAR Henan.
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