SPAR HN Fresh Lychees Direct Delivered

Published on: 2015-07-02
SPAR Henan Fresh Lychees Direct Delivered from Orchard
The quality and food safety are always the key to facilitate retailers gain their market share in competition. Direct purchase from fruit and fresh plant is a critical step for quality control of fresh products available at store level. To cut circulation steps, maintain the freshness and reduce shrinkage, SPAR Henan shifts the purchase pattern from the previously channel-focused buying to today’s products-focused buying. Take efforts to contact with the origin of products, to pick and deliver directly from the planting orchard or base. “Good fruits tastes good”, “Good vegetables are fresh and crispy”, SPAR Henan Chairman Yang Yong briefed to its staff at fresh department. SPAR Henan has always been working hard to find out good taste and fresh products. SPAR Henan sends their buyers to the lychee orchards in Guangzhou, Guangxi and Fujian provinces, picking, packing, loading lychees by themselves, and delivered to all stores in Henan through dozens of chilled transportation vehicles at full speed, ensuring the freshness of the lychees. In addition to fresh produces, SPAR Henan also put efforts to deepen supply chain and purchase directly from manufactures.

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