SPAR HN Upgrades Qixian Store

Published on: 2015-08-04
SPAR Henan Upgrades Qixian Store in Sanmao Shopping Square
On July 5, SPAR Henan reopens Qixian store after modern upgrading. Kids Playing Yard on the first floor is one of many highlights of this opening, as a good family entertainment destination with a parent’s rest area outside of the Yard. It also offers a series of promotion events on the day for fresh food and drink samples. The slogan of “good fruits taste good, goods not taste good returnable” is visible everywhere in store. Innovative vegetables displaying facilities replace the old ones for good visual merchandising practice.

Shoppers will see the pleasant layout and shopping environment in the store, which is developed with proven operation solutions, management technology and collective buying and selling system in full consideration of customer’s demands. Based on old store designing, it has more detailed signs and logotype at every aisle, more compact merchandising space, and more diversified ranges of products, enabling customers to reach the categories and goods easily and quickly.
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