SPAR HN Xiangkang Jiayuan Store Grand Open

Published on: 2015-02-09
SPAR Henan Xiangkang Jiayuan Store Grand Open
SPAR Henan Xiangkang Jiayuan Store grand opened on December 18 2014. On the early morning of the opening day, many of local residents formed a long queue at the front of the store. Crowds of people poured through the entrance once the store was opened at 9:38 am and eager to see the international standard SPAR store.

This is a middle-sized supermarket near to residential area Garden compound at Xincao road. Walk into SPAR Xiangkang Jiayuan store, you will see clean and tidy floors, brilliant lighting, full products on shelves and standing counters, busy shopping atmosphere. “I am very happy to know SPAR opens today and it is close to my house. We plan to purchase some new-year-goods for stock up. ” Mrs. Liu said, she is one of the local customers living at Garden compound. On the opening day, SPAR store prepared many promotion activities, big sales, discounts, spend money get gifts event.

It is learned that this new SPAR has great decorations and space designing that is very different with old branded Sanmao store. SPAR has matured customer-oriented operation system, management skills and collective buying and selling system, clear signage and communications, compact merchandising and more diversified products assortment. Local consumers will benefit a lot and enjoy a more convenient and easy shopping experiences at SPAR store.
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