SPAR Huaguan Social Responsibility in BJ

Published on: 2012-08-06
SPAR Huaguan Social Responsibility in Beijing Heavy Rain Havoc
The heaviest rainfall in six decades caused widespread havoc in Beijing on July 21. More than six inches of rain fell overnight Saturday into Sunday, collapsing roofs, downing power lines and turning highway underpasses into ponds that engulfed scores of cars and buses, killing at least 37 people and forcing the evacuation of 50,000 others from waterlogged neighborhoods and villages, according to the state news media.

Challenged with the disaster, SPAR Huaguan generates favorable and highly attention for its contributions in Beijing in the principle of its social responsibility after disaster. Mr. Zhang Bing, chairman of the board, Mrs. Xiao Ying, general manager, point out that: SPAR Huaguan has a special duty to serve the citizens, friends and foes reach out to aid disaster zone at this time, SPAR Huaguan has logistical capacity and substantial resources to make a difference in the first terrible days after disaster and delivered disaster relief materials to the hardest-hit areas, so as to ensure citizens have enough food and drink water.

It’s 2 o'clock in the early morning, July 22, the first delivery start off Huaguan Xiaoying DC to the disaster-hit area. SPAR Huaguan contacted the government in the disaster-hit area and distributed those relief materials to the citizen in a timely and fair manner.

From one side DC must ensure to distribute goods to the store normally, on the other side, DC also responsible for the disaster relief resources are well picked up and upload to vehicles, DC is under great pressure. Even so, SPAR Huaguan has 12 deliveries with more than 120 ton goods on June 22, including mineral water, instant noodles, ham sausage, eggs and pickles, flashlight and other articles for daily use.
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