SPAR International Targets the Middle East

Published on: 2013-12-18
SPAR signs licence for Oman Dec 13 (2)
SPAR International Targets the Middle East for Growth in 2014
SPAR further expanded its network of partners in the MENA region by signing a new SPAR Licence Agreement for Oman with Khimji Ramdas on Monday December 16th in Muscat. Khimji Ramdas is a leading business conglomerate in Oman with diversified interests in trading, distribution, retailing, restaurants and manufacturing. Khimji Ramdas will add SPAR to its portfolio of the world’s leading brands.

SPAR International is developing SPAR throughout the Middle East in a co-operative venture with Abu Dhabi Co-operative Society (ADCOOPS). Together they have already licensed key partners QNIE a leading distributor in Qatar and BMI a major Investment and Management Company in Lebanon. The first SPAR supermarkets will open in Doha and Beirut during 2014.

“SPAR is targeting the Middle East for growth in 2014”, Dr. Gordon Campbell, Managing Director, SPAR International, said at the signing in Muscat. “We are delighted to add Khimji Ramdas to our network of prestigious partners in the Middle East. With the combined knowledge and support of SPAR, ADCOOPs and Khimji Ramdas, SPAR will expand rapidly in Oman”.

“Khimji Ramdas will be an excellent partner for SPAR in OMAN. We target to open 9 SPAR supermarkets with 10,000m² sales area in Oman before the end of 2016. The SPAR stores will provide high quality fresh foods combined with a wide selection of products, excellent service and good value. They will be a new benchmark for supermarket shopping in Oman”, said Georges Mojica, General Manager, ADCOOPS.

Speaking on the occasion Nailesh Khimji, Director-Khimji Ramdas said “SPAR as a brand has best global practices and strong positioning. Khimji’s Mart, Retail Arm of Khimji Ramdas, being the largest chain of supermarkets in Oman with a strong retailing experience of over two decades, fits in as the right partner for SPAR in Oman”.

“The success of Khimji Ramdas and SPAR is built on uncompromising and sustainable values that have endured the test of time. The coming together of our organizations to better serve the Shoppers in Oman is based on the integrated values we share. We are extremely delighted with the advent of this collaboration, and will endeavour to deliver superior value to our shoppers across the country. While delighting shoppers with our design, layout and offerings will be our aim, we will continue to work closely with our valued suppliers to bring this to reality. We look forward to serving our shopper more completely every day”.

SPAR International and ADCOOPS have ambitious plans to develop the SPAR multi-format retail strategy throughout the MENA region. Together, SPAR International and ADCOOPS have identified an opportunity for SPAR to take a leading role in the food retail market in the Middle East. In the initial development phase, ADCOOPS have already opened in the Abu Dhabi region a flagship for each SPAR format: SPAR Hypermarket, SPAR supermarket, and the SPAR Express convenience store, each of which has their own distinct customer offer. The next stage of development will see the opening of 5 more SPAR supermarkets in the Abu Dhabi region during 2014.

Sites have already been identified and procured in Qatar and Lebanon for the first SPAR supermarkets. Management teams are being recreated and trained with the assistance of SPAR International and ADCOOPS. Qatar, Lebanon and Oman will bring in the world class SPAR retail formats to a total of 37 countries when the first SPAR stores open in 2014.
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