SPAR Jiajiayue Shibo store open, an innovative hypermarket for younger customers

Published on: 2020-12-23
On December 18, 2020, Friday. SPAR Shandong JJY Group launched a new hypermarket in Shibo Shopping Center, Zhangjiakou, very close to the high-speed railway station, convenient transportation. In addition to a huge underground parking facility, the hypermarket covers a total selling area of 11,000㎡, featuring the highest quality fresh produce, meat, seafood, deli, various wines, and a selection of daily supplies. 

SPAR Shandong sticks to the basics of grocery retail and continues to improve its supply chain. Besides, the partner is also seeking to make operational breakthrough.

Reframing brands using cultural insights. 
SPAR Shandong is innovating around needs of their younger customers. In SPAR Shibo store, a Toy Zone is developed for younger customers, creating new shopping experience and reframing brands using cultural insights. The fun toys available, such as copyright authorized characters, joyful anime action figures, the most popular blind-box toy and more characters from various comic series, are made from high-quality, lifelike, exquisite, and come with their unique storytelling. It is a fascinating way to inspire young people and establish connections with people, making the SPAR location very appeal to younger shoppers. 

Tapping into new retail technology. 
Digital shopping app JJY Fresh is launched to support their e-commerce deals on grocery essentials and 30-minute home delivery service. Same as SPAR Dinghao Plaza store unveiled two weeks ago, Suspension Shelving and Distributing System is installed at SPAR Shibo store for efficient online service. It enables each online order to be picked up and packed in 5 minutes. Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are adopted in store to save energy by curbing material costs and create a more engaged shopping experience.

To celebrate grand opening, the store offers great deals and promotional initiatives during December 18 and 24, 2020. Shoppers can buy fresh seafood at store and have it cooked by chef on site free of charge during the opening days. Over 10,000 coupons to be given out, each coupon can be redeemed for 50 yuan when eating at the food court.

As a destination for the freshest seafood and popular cultural products, SPAR Shibo store is well positioned to serve emerging middle-class customers, leading the way of a modern and better lifestyle.

Fruit and vegetable area

Cold Chain Food Zone

Seafood aquatic area

Wine area

SPAR Jiajiayue Trendy play area

SPAR Jiajiayue suspension chain system technology

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