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Published on: 2011-07-22
SPAR Launch "New Migrant Fund Plan for Children"
To protect new migrant workers and their children, the “new migrants fund plan” has been launched in the hope that those new immigrants can live better in the future. On July 20th, SPAR Jiarong visited Hengli Gekeng Community Service Center and donated 55,000 RMB at the site, all the money to be used purchasing necessary facilities, such as tables, desks and chairs, TV, sports equipments.

Migrant workers in China are mostly people from countryside, who go to more urban and prosperous coastal regions in search of work. Now new generations of those immigrations are growing up quickly, they neither get used to their hometown’s living style, nor share the urban citizen’s residence benefits and social security, including pensions and other insurance. With support of Nanfang City Daily and CFPA (China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation), “new migrant’s fund plan” is going to built a Love Service Station at factory site and close to compound so as to provide help and support for migrant workers and their families who strive to living and driving the country’s economic development.
 SPAR made a positive response for this plan; donated 55,000 RMB to Hengli Gekeng Community Service Center for purchasing more facilities such as tables, desks and chairs, TV. The newly decorated Community Service Center is going to be equipped new desks, computers, books and sports equipments. All the migrants’ children can participate in a series of activities, like 4:30 PM courses, psychological round table as well as impoverished students support program. And professional social workers will offer them a standard and satisfied service.

At the same time, SPAR supermarkets also start the donation program; customers can donate their books and toys for the new immigrants’ community service center. All the contributions and donations will be collected at the supermarket service center.

Since the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, SPAR Jiarong has been working on charity program. 

On June 6th, before the new migrants fund plan launched, SPAR Jiarong has invited over 100 children from migrants worker’s family watched movies. At the end of June, SPAR also held a charity sale raised 50,000 RMB for student aid fund. At that time, 50 students got the raising fund. In the future, SPAR will launch or join in more charity activity.
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