SPAR LiaoBu Fengtai City Store Grand Opening

Published on: 2014-06-03
SPAR GD Liaobu Store opening (1)
SPAR LiaoBu Fengtai City Store Grand Opening
Following the opening of Houjie Jinyu international store, SPAR Guangdong grand opened another store of supermarket format-LiaoBu Fengtai City Store on May 6.

At 8:45, the Chairman of SPAR Guangdong Mr. Hu Jintai, VP Mr. Liang Zhonghua, Mr. Dan Yunfeng, Mrs. Liang Yuhua and Fengtai Construction Real Estate Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Lei Yuping and other guests cut the ribbon at the store opening ceremony and celebrate this significant moment together with champagne, which brings the onsite atmosphere to the climax.

SPAR Fengtai City Store is located at Fengtai City Garden III, Hengkeng Village, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City with operation area of over 300sqm. SPAR Fengtai City Store is the only community-based supermarket around the catchment, which greatly enhance the level of lifestyle of surrounding area, and also provides more convenient and efficient service for surrounding communities. On the opening day it was rainy, but a great number of customers rushed into store with full enthusiasm and shopped a lot.

Unlike ordinary supermarket, SPAR is targeted to run a lifestyle, convenience and customer-based supermarket, providing customers with unique shopping experience of “fresh good quality, lifestyle good neighbor”. Customers can not only enjoy high-quality products in store but also enjoy a good matched service. Entering the store, customers will feel with a clean, orderly store layout with advanced facilities and new product ranges. The store is personalized designed with “demand-driven” merchandising and furnishings, offering a wide range of fresh products, snack foods, daily necessities. The total operation area of the store is 300 square meters, including a gourmet canteen. Gourmet canteen not only gives customers the opportunities to enjoy the special delicacy onsite, can also allow customers to take away the pre-packed ready-to-eat food. What’s more, the service center also offers additional service of shopping Alipay payment facility, telecommunications broadband bill payment, credit card payment and repayment, free parking, etc., we believe convenient customer service is a major feature of SPAR supermarket.

During the SPAR Fengtai City store opening, customers can enjoy a variety of valued deals. In addition to a variety of ultra-low price goods, during May 6 to May 15, the customers spend upon 48 yuan for each basket, then he/she can get a valued gift by showing its purchasing receipts.

It is learned that SPAR Fengtai Store is the third SPAR store of SPAR Guangdong at Liaobu Town and is also the 86th store of SPAR Guangdong. We wish SPAR Guangdong open more new stores in the future.
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