SPAR Mother of the Year 2012

Published on: 2012-07-24
SPAR Mother of the Year 2012
SPAR recognises that there are different, but equally important roles that mothers play and so for the SPAR Mother of the Year competition this was acknowledged through different categories i.e. Business Mothers - for mothers who are business women, or those employed in the corporate world; Community Mothers -mothers engaged in activities to develop communities; Health and Fitness Mothers - for those involved in the health sector and/or sports and fitness; and Home Mothers - for stay-at-home mothers. An additional category was introduced this year - the Arts, Education and Culture Mother - to recognise our artistic mothers and those actively involved in education and cultural development.

The response rate was as exciting as the entries themselves. SPAR is in awe of the array of activities mothers are able to get involved in in addition to being mothers - from fruit and vegetable vending to irrigation schemes, from teaching and nursing to movie making - mothers are doing it all!

The SPAR Mother of the Year awards ceremony was held on Friday 11th May 2012, the same weekend as Mother's Day this year, thereby adding to the festivity and excitement of the event.
The day started with a pamper session where each of the 11 finalists was treated to a soothing massage, beauty treatment and manicure. After a relaxing morning, they then adorned themselves in beautiful ethnic-inspired outfits designed by Mucha African Couture and departed in style aboard a limousine to La Serenata Restaurant where the awards ceremony was held.

The awards ceremony was very emotional - mothers perform their roles without any need for recognition, and to be showered with attention was overwhelming for many of them. The awards ceremony will provide lasting happy memories for each of the mothers, and will become part of each family's history and pride!

Next the guests enjoyed a full 3 - course meal with well-known singer and mother herself, Prudence Katomeni-Mbofana providing entertainment. Guest of honour Anna Mguni, CEO of the Zimbabwe Olympic Committee talked about the new roles that mothers and indeed girls and women are able to explore today including sport, business and entertainment. She applauded SPAR's initiative in celebrating mothers and congratulated all the mothers for their awesome work in their different spheres of influence.
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