SPAR partners’ four new openings in Guangdong and Shandong provinces

Published on: 2021-01-13
The first week of the New Year 2021 is bringing great news from our SPAR partners. Four SPAR stores in provinces of Guangdong and Shandong are celebrating their grand openings. Among which, three are new openings and one is re-opening after 30-day-renovation project. SPAR Guangdong Shiguang Meizhou store, SPAR Guangdong South China Mall (relaunch), SPAR Guangdong Dapu Aoyuan store, as well as SPAR Shandong Xintai Fortune Square store.    

Supporting the core values of freshness, choice, quality and service, SPAR partners in China are working together to create high quality shopping experience and modern lifestyle for our shoppers. 

SPAR Shiguang Meizhou store in Guangdong
The new SPAR Shiguang Meizhou store unveiled on December 31, 2020, Thursday. Within an area of 1,200 sqm, the store offers more than 1,000 products alongside a fresh produce, a fishery and a butchery counter, as well as a specialty section for Cantonese-style preserved pork and dried seafood. Shoppers can enjoy the freshest seafood here through instore cooking service. 

SPAR South China Mall relaunch in Guangdong
SPAR Guangdong team renovated the store to better serve their shoppers and communities. After about 30 days renovation project, the store reopened on the last day of the year 2020. Now the product assortments and merchandising have been improved. And the space in the second floor for fresh produce, deli, as well as fishery counters redesigned with a more open and welcoming layout.

SPAR Dapu Aoyuan store in Guangdong
This is a large supermarket, with an area of nearly 8,000 sqm on two shopping floors, offering a wide selection of food and nonfood items, such as seafood, bakery, fresh produce, imported food, snacks, as well as ready-to-eat meals. Clear store layout, customer-centric merchandising, spacious and welcoming environment, making it the best destination to shop for locals. Facial recognition payment system, Duodian APP ordering platform, mini program for community group buying and home delivery and more digital solutions are well introduced at the store, making shopping experience easier and safer. 

SPAR Xintai Fortune Square store in Shandong
SPAR Fortune Square store launched on December 31, 2020, Thursday, in Xintai, Shandong. The store has an area of 3,600 sqm, offering wonderful fresh produce. Zhuoyue Fortune Square, located at the heart of Xintai, is a large commercial complex, has various facilities ranging in hotels, restaurants, cultural shops, entertainment centers, stores and more.

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