SPAR Prepares for the Athletics Championships

Published on: 2014-05-15
SPAR Prepares for the European Athletics Championships in Zurich
SPAR is the main sponsor of the European Athletics Championships; represented by both SPAR International and SPAR Switzerland. At a national level, SPAR Switzerland is already focused on this sporting highlight, being held in Switzerland. The preparations around the event are in the final stage of planning, but one thing is certain: SPAR will offer the Swiss numerous opportunities to witness the event. The official European Athletics Championship medals were presented at a press conference on March 24th.

From August 12-17, the best European Athletes will compete for medals and the title of European Champion in their chosen discipline. Of course, a number of Swiss athletes will participate, preparing for the event in their home country. Just like the athletes, SPAR is also in the middle of the preparations for the event. SPAR Switzerland, as a family owned retail organisation, will promote the event in advance, either through competitions or activities in the stadium or on the square Sechseläutenplatz during the Championships. "We are excited to support this top event", says Wolfgang Frick, Head of Marketing and Product Management. "In addition to the strong brand presence in the stadium itself, we will pay attention to the city and beyond. In the coming months, the campaigns will be communicated successively and experienced locally."

The Letzigrund Stadium as template for the European Athletics Championships medal
On March 24th the medals for the European Athletics Championships Zurich 2014 were presented. Viktor Röthlin was the first athlete to personally take a look at the new object of desire. The medal was designed by the award winning Zurich designer, Alfredo Häberli. The Letzigrund Stadium with its simple shape and the striking light poles was a perfect source of inspiration. Noticeable is the fact that for the first time the gold, silver and bronze medals have three different ribbons
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