SPAR Promotes Healthier Eating

Published on: 2012-01-15
SPAR Promotes Healthier Eating
The initiative is designed to ensure that independent convenience retailers are actively promoting the consumption of healthier options to its shoppers. From the 6th of January, those participating stores will highlight the initiative in store and identify to shoppers the products that are within the 'Healthy Living' product criteria.

By doing so, it is the intention to educate shoppers on products that are perhaps considered by some as healthy, but due to the salt and saturated fat content they are actually not within the 'Healthy Living' product criteria.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are the obvious healthy choices as is non-flavoured water, semi skimmed, skimmed and 1% milk, 100% fruit juice and either fresh, frozen or canned oily fish but excluding canned tuna. A full range of the healthy living products can be purchased in participating stores, through to Saturday 18th February 2012.

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