SPAR SC Peng' an Store Reopens

Published on: 2016-10-10
SPAR Sichuan Peng'an Store Reopens after Refurbishment
SPAR Peng’an store in Sichuan is re-launched on September 30 after weeks of refurbishment to provide local consumers with improved shopping environment, upgraded assortments and good-to-excellent customer service. The company has been adhering to the “better life for customers” business philosophy, providing local residents with quality products and great value.

After an overall retrofit, this store changed a lot, more comfortable environment, good visual merchandising, clear space layout, quality products and better price. Worth to mention, the operator added a seafood bay in this store, offering fresh shellfish, crabs, crawfish, fish and soft-shelled turtles. 

Peng’an County Party Secretary Pu Guo and a group of governmental officers visited SPAR Peng’an Store to inspect the work of the food safety and fire security, and expressed their greetings to store staff. 

SPAR Sichuan is investing in upgrading more hypermarkets to create a better shopping experience.
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