SPAR SD 2015 KA Conference

Published on: 2015-11-30
2015KA JJY
SPAR Shandong 2015 KA Conference in Weihai
SPAR Shandong 2015 KA conference is held in Weihai on November 20, more than 600 suppliers’ delegeates gather together at Dragaon Mall planning for future cooperation and development ways.

It is themed as “Appreciate You in 20 years, Build our Future together” in this grand event. It’s SPAR Shandong’s 20th anniversary since it opened the first chain store in 1995, grow from the smallest secondary wholesaler of wine and sugar in Shandong province to be the largest chain stores in Shandong today. The majority of suppliers of SPAR Shandong have been working together for more than ten years, and some even twenty years. SPAR Shandong holds key account conference every year for the purpose of building a better communication platform for SPAR Shandong and its suppliers, so as to enhance and deepen the partnership.

SPAR Shandong entered 3-year strategic cooperation agreements with Yili Dairy, Mars, Libai, Springsnow Food and more companies respectively. It also concluded strategic cooperation agreements with South Korean Lotte Group and Dongwonmall to full promoting and expanding the latter’s business in China. SPAR Shandong shared eight different types of awards with 130 suppliers at this conference, including strategic partnership award, best innovation award and more.

Supplier delegates think highly of SPAR Shandong’s leadership, they say the strong business operation capability and social responsibly of SPAR Shandong are the foundation of the partnership, they confirm that both parties shall work together to build a better future by using SPAR Shandong’s excellent business platform, and believe in a bright and prospects future with SPAR Shandong.
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