SPAR SD Dragon Mall Tree Planting Event

Published on: 2015-04-03
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SPAR Shandong Dragon Mall Tree Planting Event
On March 14th, SPAR Shandong dragon mall, cooperates with Dongshuan Paper Company, launched an impressive tree planting event with the purpose of “unite together to plant more trees to make our city more green” in Weihai. There are over 1000 families and over 5000 Weihai citizen participated in this event, planting approximately 10,000 trees at the hills. This event is organized in two days March 14th and March 28th.

SPAR Shandong insists on setting the consumption trends and improving the quality of life all the time. Tree planting event, from one hand, will make our city more fresh, health and beautiful, and allow people have a better life in this city; from another hand, is the best gift for our parents and children and benefits our future generations as green hills and clear water is a permanent fortune. SPAR Shandong Dragon Mall tree planting event is a good initiative to build a health and happy life in this Spring days. 
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