SPAR SD Tests New Store Formats

Published on: 2019-03-05
SPAR Shandong Tests New Store Formats
SPAR Shandong is trying a range of new store concepts in a bid to boost its market expansion strategy in western parts of Shandong. In recent days, a new SPAR forecourt convenience store and a community-based SPAR fresh market unveiled in the city of Jinan. 

Forecourt Convenience Store 
The new convenience store is located at a forecourt close to Yanshan overpass, which is a key transportation hub in the southeast part of Jinan. This is a 100sqm convenience store jointly created by SPAR Shandong team and Zhonghuize Petroleum Company. With particular store location and shopper’s demands, this SPAR convenience store provides a wide range of prepared packaged fresh foods, snacks, deli and drinks. 

Community-based Fresh Market 
Partnering with Jinan government program, SPAR Shandong opened a fresh market at Baoli Center, Jinan, featuring farmers’ market, supermarket, services and facilities for the convenience of local residents. The SPAR fresh market covers a sales area of 1,350 sqm, combining the modern supermarket concepts and traditional ideas in farmers’ market where consumers are happy and ready to shop. Key elements of this new SPAR fresh market include modern shopping environment, extensive variety of fresh products offerings, cutting-edge management pattern, multi-channel customer payment system, food safety and traceability program. SPAR in Shandong is accelerating market expansion and multi-format retail strategy to meet emerging segments’ needs and lifestyle changes, bringing its unique and brand new shopping experience to local community.
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