SPAR SD's First Batch of Goods

Published on: 2015-09-07
SPAR SD's First Batch of Goods for Cross-Border E-Commerce Imported
On August 11, the first batch of international goods for cross-border e-commerce shipped from South Korea has been successfully imported via Weihai Customs Cross-border E-commerce Administration Center, reflecting SPAR Shangdong officially initiates its cross-border e-commerce business.

As the largest chained retailer in Shandong province, under the context of building China-South Korea Free Trade Area, SPAR Shandong seizes the opportunity to practice China-South Korea Free Trade strategy, and acts positively to establish a best platform for the sales of international products, so as to fulfill local consumption demands of cross-border products.

For easy shopping experience, SPAR Shandong also establishes an online retail store by integrating both online and offline resources, thousands kinds of imported products from South Korea, Australia, Japan and other countries are available at the store, covering infant products, food, daily supplies and health supplements. Customer are able to browse, choose and pay for their preferred international products online, while receive their orders at home. All products against the order are shipped and delivered directly from international warehouse with the fastest speed and the lowest prices by the way of oversea direct mail. Authentic and quality are guaranteed.

In addition, SPAR Shandong shall open its first e-commerce offline experience store at Dragon Mall on September 2. The experience store covers an area of 2,000 square meters and offers more than 5,000 ranges of products. “Global Sourcing, Taste the World”, enable customers to look for products at offline store and place order via online shop, enjoying the good value of authentic imported products. SPAR Shandong also provides goods delivery service for online shoppers by taking advantage of its efficient supply chain system, making a real O2O shopping pattern.
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