SPAR Shandong hosts 2020 Key Suppliers Conference

Published on: 2020-12-02

(△ Speech by Mr. Wang Peihuan, chairman of Jiajia Group)

SPAR partner Shandong Jia Jia Yue Group hosted the 2020 Key Suppliers Conference on November 25, 2020. It is part of its 25th corporate anniversary celebrations. This event,“Build Consensus and Better Together”,gathered over 600 delegates in the city of Weihai, sharing good stories about collaboration in the past 25 years. Looking into opportunities and challenges in current business situation home and aboard, delegates together brought insights into their strategic goals and actionable plans. 

Mr. Wang Peihuan, Chairman of JJY Group, his senior management, and local government officials, Mr. Wang Hongping, Deputy Director, Department of Commerce Shandong Province, Pei Liang, Chairman of CCFA, Xie Nan, Client Director of AC Nielsen delivered their speeches. 

(△ Mr. Wang Hongping, Deputy Director of Shandong Department of Commerce)

(△ Mr. Pei Liang, President of China Chain Management Association)

(△ AcNielsen Account Director, Mr. Nan Chan)

(△ Ms. Hao Yun, Deputy General Manager of Jiajia Group)

Since the first grocery store launched in 1995, the JJY Group has gone from strength to strength, expanding its presence across the country in the past 25 years. Today, the partner sees its revenue increasing from 20 million yuan to 15 billion yuan, with 35,000 people serving their customers at 870 stores widespread in over 50 counties and cities of 5 provinces. 

In the first three quarters of 2020, JJY Group reports 22.17% increase in revenue and 10.63% in profits compared to the same time of the previous year. With 100 new retail stores, latest established Hebei Distribution Center, and the upcoming Industrial Park in North Anhui, the partner is establishing a robust supply chain network. 

In addition, integration of physical and digital retail is on the top of its agenda. Livestream shopping and community group buying initiatives are promoted together with the leading brands and suppliers. These are efficient solutions to boost their retail sales and enhance shopping experience. Not only that, SAP system was officially launched in April to improve operation efficiency and digital solutions, laying a solid foundation for its future success.

Due to pandemic precautions, International SPAR family members who cannot attend the meeting in person also sent their warm wishes of congratulations to SPAR Shandong JJY Group in a heart-warming video.

(SPAR International congratulates Jia Jia Yue group on its 25th anniversary)

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