SPAR Shandong incorporated automation robots into warehouse

Published on: 2021-01-28
Since October 2020, SPAR Shandong has successfully introduced in autonomous mobile robots in its warehouse, one of innovative warehouse technologies to enhance its modern logistics and supply chain. 

Walking into such a warehouse, you will find a group of autonomous and rechargeable robots busy working around the site. With a standard automate fulfillment system, the robots deliver goods, trays and pallets directly to workers, eliminating unnecessary travel time in the warehouse aisle. The traditional person-to-goods model has been changed radically into goods-to-person model.

In a warehouse larger than seven basketball courts, there are only 10 human workers. So far, the goods-to-person solution has been adopted for categories of H&B, textile, cultural products and more daily supplies. Moreover, you will see collaborative robotic arms moving and lifting items in the warehouse.

Those robots are just a reflection of SPAR Shandong’s modern and autonomous warehouse and logistics. Agile logistics is built to be highly flexible for the purpose of being able to quickly adapt to changing market needs. 

SPAR Shandong is stepping up its efforts to build a smarter logistics!
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