SPAR Shandong Launches a Hypermarket

Published on: 2019-01-11
SPAR Shandong Launches a High-ranking Hypermarket in Linyi
SPAR China's partner in Shandong announced an new opening on December 21, 2018. This new store located in a very busy shopping center Taisheng at the heart of local commerical circle. Within 5,700sqm in size, the high ranking hypermarket shall help local shoppers to discover an exciting new lifestyle and added value to their modern shopping experience.
As a high ranking flagship store, this new location is designed and served in a way that grabs the attentions of younger generations.
The key department included fruits, fresh deli, food-to-go and more fresh sections, while the imported seafood and wines are proving very popular with customers.
With an effective supply chain management system in place, SPAR Shandong provides a “one-stop shop” for ordering fresh, healthy, local food, from a variety of farms and local producers.
It also adopts facial recognition checkout tech in store. This unique adoption adds value to our modern shoppers and make their shopping journey pleasant and easy.

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