SPAR Shuiquanlu Store unveiled in Zhangjiakou

Published on: 2020-10-19
SPAR Shuiquanlu Store opened on September 23, reflecting the sustained path of brand expansion in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province. With close proximity to the high-end residential area Country Garden (Senlinhai), this 3,000 sqm supermarket provides local shoppers with higher quality products and better customer service. 

In Zhangjiakou, the partner SPAR Shandong continues its expansion by opening more stores. So far, over 10 new SPAR locations launched from the beginning of 2020, and more are expected in the coming months.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables 
Zhangjiakou was recognized as a great place to produce quality fresh produce and fruits. The land, especially in northern part of Zhangjiakou, was fertile and perfect for agriculture due to the natural and geographical advantages. To complement locally sourced produce, a wide range of fresh offerings from southern China are also available in store, allowing customers to enjoy a better and more pleasant shopping experience. 

Seafood, Fish & Meat
In fresh sections, seafood, over 50% in selling space are merchandising of fish and meat such as seafood, poultry, pork, beef and mutton products. SPAR Shandong runs a modern cold supply chain system. All fresh seafood from Weihai port are directly transported to our stores in Zhangjiakou, allowing local shoppers to enjoy seasonal seafood in an easier way. 

Delicatessen & Meals
In this store, shoppers have access to a wide range of regional food, especially specialties from eastern Shandong. To guarantee 100% food safety and consistent quality, prepared meals, delicatessen, and other food solutions are prepared and distributed from SPAR Shandong central production center. 

Spices & Grains
At this section, an extensive assortment of dry goods such as spices, seasonings, herbs, rice, grains and beans are offered to meet shoppers’ daily choices.  

Shoppers are also pleased by the compelling and distinctive visual merchandised snack sector, where a great choice of snack items such as chips, crunchies, candies and sweets are offered.  

Wines & Drinks
The store also features a great wine and beverage sector, offering a wide assortment of wines, liquors and soft drinks from all over the world. 

Household Essentials
Personal-care products, home laundry and cleaning supplies, textile apparel and footwear are also available, all under one roof. 


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