SPAR SM Happiness Shopping Plaza Grand Open

Published on: 2016-03-01
Sanmao Happiness Plaza
SPAR Sanmao Happiness Shopping Plaza Grand Open

Early on July 31 2015, SPAR Henan Sanmao Group has entered agreement with Kaifeng Zhi Da Xiang Real Estate Co for the development of the first SPAR community-based lifestyle market at Kaifeng Xingfuli Community. After several months' preparation, this new location is grand open on January 15th, 2016!

SPAR Sanmao Happiness Market is an essential project of Sanmao’s business transformation, developing community-based new format, a large scale business complex featuring leisure, shopping and entertainment. “Family” is the core of Sammao's business toward the future, every family of our customers benefit from it . Sammao’s goal is to make each customer feel happy when they shop at SPAR store based on our strength on categories, quality, safety and service.

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