SPAR SM Launches a New CVS

Published on: 2017-05-05
SPAR Sanmao Launches a New CVS at Hanxing Shangpin Community
The launch for this much-anticipated SPAR Sanmao Convenience Store takes place at the community of Hanxing Shangpin in Kaifeng City, Henan, on the morning of Thursday, 27 April, where shoppers enjoy huge opening celebrations and in-store promotions. This is a compact convenience store with the most abundant types of goods, including drinks and wines, dry goods, snacks, health & beauty, imported food, Chinese steamed bread, tea flavored eggs, roasted sausage, soybean milk, with an addition to a Rest Area at where shoppers can rest and enjoy their food. Convenience is the core strength of SPAR Sanmao Convenience Store, so the store is located at the community, serve local residents with valued products and service. SPAR Sanmao always put the interests of customers first.  
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