SPAR SM Shopping Square's Unveiling

Published on: 2015-09-07
SPAR Sanmao Future Shopping Mall 01
SPAR Sanmao Future Shopping Square's Unveiling of New Presence
On July 31, SPAR Sanmao Future Shopping Square unveils its new presence after 6 months refurbishment. The supermarket is still open during refurbishment period. The upgraded new store is proud of reformed layouts, better lighting solutions, and vivid merchandising practice. It also comes with new SPAR membership cards for special buying, discounts and rewards redeem.  

Reformed Layouts Design
The store layout is changed greatly after the refurbishment. New located fruits and vegetable department has a better visual accessibility and make the shopping even easier. An international food shop is developed as well, providing shoppers with lots of food imported from different markets in the world. Bakery department is moved to the corner near the entrance of the store, you truly could hardly resist the good smell of fresh baked bread, cookies and puff, as well as the good smell of deli from “Food to Go”. The signs and tickets on shelf are updated, helping shoppers get an easier understanding of the categories. We can also see a remarkable SPAR logo tree board suspended at the roof of the escalator for strong brand communication.   

Better Lighting Solutions
SPAR pays much attention on lighting designing. You may find the utilization of spotlights at the fruit and vegetable zone, emphasizing the freshness and market atmosphere. Especially at the chilled food zone, the effects of good illumination and lighting temperature should be balanced for the efficiency of displaying and products freshness.

Vivid Merchandising Practice
A wide variety of products in store are displayed in a completely open way, ensuring all of goods are accessible, so as to attract consumers and encourage them to buy. At store, you can see more informative signs at every corridor, goods are displayed in a more compact way, and more diversified ranges of products available as well. Many premium fruits are introduced in at fresh zone and displayed by color principles. Range the goods in good order is not the innovative way of merchandising any more, SPAR Henan is now shifting to the vivid visual merchandising strategy.  

More Gifts for Shoppers
SPAR Henan also launches new SPAR membership card, allowing the holders to redeem transaction points and involve in membership special events in addition to get membership discounts. 

With SPAR International’s retail concept, this traditional supermarket gets revived after upgrade and refurbishment, brings more value for customers with its good price and facilities and service.
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