SPAR Store of the Future

Published on: 2016-04-01
SPAR Store of the Future
Retail is changing with the shopping behaviours and expectations of consumers evolving at an unprecedented rate. A growing array of social and digital channels has led to a shift in the way retailers and customers interact.

More and more customers are using social media, apps and other web-based tools to research online, make online purchases and express their concerns and opinions to a larger audience than ever before. In this era of the empowered consumer, we as retailers have to ask ourselves, how do we evolve our stores and the services we offer to meet our customers’ growing expectations?

It is this pressing question that has led to the creation of the SPAR Store of the Future Working Group, a forward • thinking group, established by SPAR International, that is concerned with what developments in technology, design and other market-influencing factors can mean for retail and more specifically, SPAR.

By studying market forecasts and industry insights, the Working Group is attempting to look ahead to 2025, to develop a model of the retail food market of the future. Through an understanding of changes in customer demands and expectations, the Working Group will produce a set of directional guidelines that SPAR Partners can use to contribute to their own business development strategies.

The Working Group will identify the potential impacts of technology on our store designs, layouts and customer interactions. By doing so, it hopes to identify and explore the short, medium and long-term opportunities for all SPAR retailers.

The main aim of the SPAR Store of the Future Working Group is to identify:
• What will customer expectations of food retailing be in the future and how may this vary in different markets?
• How will our portfolio of products and services need to evolve to meet changing customer demands?
• How will customers expect to interact with us as retailers and what will the impacts be on our designs and use of technology?

If you would like more information on the SPAR Store of the Future Working Group, please contact the Working Group leaders at SPAR International: Gary Harris:, or Tom Rose: 
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