SPAR SX Offered Group-buying Deals with CMB

Published on: 2012-11-27
SPAR Shanxi Offered Group-buying Deals with CMB
At the end of September this year, SPAR Shanxi Zhongji Store received an group buying order valued more than 50,000 CNY from CMB (China Merchants Bank Co.,Ltd. Taiyuan Division), involving more than 80 kinds of merchandises, such as fruit and vegetables, beverages, snacks and leisure food, as well as general groceries.

Upon receiving the group buying order, store manager arranged relevant staff preparing for the goods picking up and packaging, especially put great efforts on the fine packaging based on CMB’s demand. Our staff started work at 1.00 am, washing, selecting, packaging, and delivering to the destination before 7:00 at the same day.

This group buying business lasted one week with increased GP over 4000 CNY in fruit and vegetable department. CMB also expressed their deep appreciation to SPAR Meetall Store for our passionate service, and at the beginning of November, they also send us a Thank You pennant. It is manifested that SPAR offered an excellent service to our customers and also laid a foundation for the future cooperation with CMB.
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