SPAR Thailand Sends Delegations

Published on: 2017-12-27
SPAR Thailand Sends Delegations on Dongguan Business Tour
A delegation of SPAR Thailand visited SPAR Guangdong for exchange on retail knowledge and best practices during 26th - 27th November.

The delegation is comprised of Mr. Surachai Kositsareewong, the Chief Financial Officer of BCP, Ms. Supamol Aiem-on, the Acting Investor Relations Manager, Ms. Thanaporn Tantiwinyupong, the Analyst Investor Relations, Ms. Donya Kitkungvan, the Head of Marketing & Communication Division of BCR, Mr. Theerathip Songprayoon, Senior Corporate Planning & Budgeting Section Manager, as well as BPC clients. Mr. Jerome Chevrier, Managing Director of SPAR China, Ms. Su Wei, the Head of Office, SPAR China accompanied.

The delegation visited different formats of SPAR stores in Guangdong, including SPAR South China Mall Hypermarket, SPAR Dongtai Hypermarket, SPAR Xinghecheng Hypermarket, SPAR Mizhendao Supermarket, SPAR Feilishan lifetyle convenience store, as well as Hongmei Distribution Center. SPAR China and SPAR Guangdong held meetings with delegations from SPAR Thailand at SPAR Guangdong Riverview Convention Center.
Mr. Dan Yunfeng, VP of SPAR Guangdong, introduced the Company’s entrepreneurship and development history at the meeting; Mr. Hu Jintai, President of SPAR Guangdong, described the future prospects for SPAR Guangdong at the interactive session. The practices of fresh operations and the trends for future development with SPAR network have been discussed. After the meeting, the delegations also visited Fude Food Division, a subsidiary of SPAR Guangdong. This move enhanced bilateral relationship between SPAR Thailand and SPAR Guangdong, laid the foundations for future cooperation, and promoted their healthy growth and development.

Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limit (BCP) is a Thai energy company, while Bangchak Retail Company Limited (BCR) is the subsidiary company of BCP. SPAR International and BCR entered partnership agreement in 2016, seeing multi-format new SPAR stores launched in Thailand comprising key flagship convenience and neighborhood developments. From 2017 the Company plans to open 50-80 stores each year for the next five years with up to 2,500 jobs created in the process. BRC’s retail strategy meets customer needs with strong market growth in the neighborhood grocery sector in Thailand; the Company anticipates retail sales of €245 million by 2020.

SPAR Thailand’s delegation tour further reflected SPAR is a big family with members who are far more likely to work together and share resources. With continued growth of SPAR, members worldwide shall find more opportunities for business success, and yet better together. One SPAR, One Family!
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