SPAR Tobolsk Tyumen region, Siberia

Published on: 2014-01-08
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SPAR Tobolsk Tyumen region, Siberia
On Friday 1st November opened the new 1540 m2, 15000 sku store in Tobolsk, part of the Tyumen region in Siberia. In-store design concepts include the SPAR Cafe, Pizzeria, Scratch/Artisan Bakery, Fresh Fish, world class Meat Counter and Food to Go.

This SPAR store is the only one of its kind catering to the 'mid to upper' segment, primary competition is Magnit and local discounters. The store is also full of imports including SPAR International and SPAR Premium from Austria.

Tobolsk is the historic capital of Siberia, famous for its white stone Kremlin and as the birthplace of Rasputin. A wealthy city of 100,000 inhabitants in which the economy prospers around the oil refinery.
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