SPAR Wangfujing Store opens in Dongying, Shandong

Published on: 2020-12-28
On December 25, Friday. SPAR Shandong unveils a new lifestyle store at Wangfujing Shopping Center, Dongying, a city lies on the northern coast of Shandong province, about 10 km away from local’s first SPAR store at Yiyue Shopping Square opened 6 months ago. 

Dongying Wangfujing Shopping Center is located at the heart of governmental offices, culture, finance and transportation. With an construction area of 63,000㎡, the location includes 4 floors of creative facilities, shopping, entertainment and casual dining. The SPAR grocery store is developed in a 2,000㎡space, providing local shoppers with quality products and services at value prices, all under one roof. 

Despite the coldest time of the year arrives, a large number of shoppers do arrive early and stand in lines for new opening deals. Fresh is the most popular department. Vegetables and fruits available at store are supplied from over 1,500 cooperated domestic farmlands through a farm-to-store program, catering to the natural and healthy needs of shoppers with attractive deals. Moreover, over tens of thousands of farmers and fresh producers benefited from the program.

With the emerging new retail landscape, SPAR Shandong team shall continue to accelerate its growth with quality products and services, innovative concepts, and customer proposition, being a strong driving force behind sustainable consumption and true prosperity. 

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh Fruits



Chilled Meat Products

Chilled Dairy Products

Sauces & Flavorings 


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