SPAR ZJK Launches the First SPAR Store

Published on: 2017-10-11
First SPAR Premium Store at EnjoyCity Mall 10
SPAR Zhangjiakou Launches the First Premium SPAR Store
SPAR Zhangjiakou successfully rolls out the first premium SPAR store on 2 October 2017. This new SPAR store is located in the central business district of Zhangjiakou, the host city of the 2020 Olympic Winter Games, which boasts convenient transportation and geographical position. The store offers over 6,000 SKUs in a 2,400sqm selling area. With the core concepts “green, environment friendly, nutrition and healthy”, this new store focuses primarily on meeting the needs of local shoppers by offering a varied worldwide categories and inspiring environment.

The destination departments are the ready-to-eat, instore bakery, and imported seafood, butchery sections including quality Sunit mutton and Inner Mongolia Kerchin beef. SPAR Zhangjiakou strives to employ professional chef with craftsman’s spirits, ensuring the full delicatessen available at SPAR store are produced with intensified traditional process which have been inherited for more than 20 years. The store focuses on meeting the needs of both top-end customers and mass groups for the best convenience of local residents.
This festival opening day attracts ten thousands of crowds to shop in this premium SPAR store, bringing out very impressive daily sales result. The store becomes a very popular shopping destination thanks to its quality service and products.

Jerome Chevrier, SPAR China Managing Director, Chen Guocheng, Chairman of SPAR Zhangjiakou, Zhang Xiaofei, Vice Chairman of SPAR Zhangjiakou, Hu Dabao, Buying Director of SPAR Zhangjiakou, Yu Li, Vice Chairman of EnjoyCity Commerical Management Group attend the opening ceremony on the day.

With strong support of SPAR China team, SPAR Zhangjiakou shall continue to invest in store expansion and look at new market opportunities in the coming years. The future developments shall primarily focus on the expansion of SPAR supermarkets, SPAR convenience stores, and old store conversion programs. Currently, SPAR Zhangjiakou plans to open 12 more new stores in the near future (including multi-formats of warehouse stores, supermarkets, convenience stores). SPAR Zhangjiakou shall continue to look at new business opportunities in the market and to further integrates efficient resources to add value to their core business. Let’s look forward to the future, SPAR Zhangjiakou.

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