SPAR ZJK Organizes DIY Bakery Activity

Published on: 2017-11-30
SPAR Zhangjiakou Organizes DIY Bakery Activity at Store
A success DIY bakery activity organized on Sunday 12th November at EnjoyCity store in Zhangjiakou, bringing families together to share the happiness and smile through delightful bakery SPAR offered.

SPAR store prepared all of ingredients and utensils, and invited qualified chef worked to teach participants how to use appliances and show the steps for baking.

Involving children in baking is very important, as quality time is spent together to achieve a certain result, but not just that, you will tech your children much more than you may think and all sorts of other baking techniques that are used. It also teaches your children the importance of good nutrition and you should encourage them to taste new foods to develop their taste buds. Baking with children can channel the children’s natural curiosity as many foods or fruits change in colours, size texture when baked. Most of all it gives children a sense of pride and achievement when these baked creations can be enjoyed by friends and family.

SPAR is actively involved in supporting local community on an ongoing basis.
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