Stay Strong Better Together

Published on: 2020-03-30

With the COVID-19 outbreak gets severer around the world, Europe has become the epicenter of the pandemic. As of March 30, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide has exceeded 710,000. SPAR member companies in various countries around the world are making unremitting efforts to meet the needs of thousands of people from communities around the world. While ensuring the stability of product supply and prices, they are also focusing on adopting various protection measures to ensure the safety and welfare of customers and employees.
Thank You Letter from SPAR Italy

On March 25, a letter of thanks from Padova, Italy, was sent to SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue Group headquarter. In the letter, Paul Klotz, president of the Italian DESPAR Group, thanked SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue for its help during the epidemic.

President Paul Klotz wrote in the letter: 

These words come from Italy, a country that is far, far away from your country, but never as today, our countries, our thoughts have been so close.

There are two words, that we want to get you through the thousands of miles that divide us, and it is THANK YOU.

The masks and gloves that arrived from SPAR Shandong to our stores, and that were distributed to our colleagues, have been invaluable for us. Not only because these are incredibly challenging materials to find, but because with your generous gesture you have delivered us solidarity, a load of energy and inspirational strength: all valuable resources which at this moment for us are even more difficult to find.

Since mid-March, the epidemic situation in various parts of China has been gradually controlled, but overseas, especially in Europe, the outbreak has just begun. During the domestic epidemic, SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue Group actively assumed the task of guaranteeing product supply. More than 800 stores under the Group have always been operating. All cadres and employees have adhered to the front line and firmly retrograde to ensure supply, livelihood and stability. Jiajiayue also made 8 million donation to the city in support of fighting against the virus. 

"During the domestic epidemic, we knew that supermarkets, as supply-guarantee units in this fight, faced great risks to employees, and it was very important to protect employees' daily routine. At that time, we also received the care and help from SPAR International. After the outbreak in Europe, we purchased 100,000 masks and 100,000 gloves, and donated to SPAR International Headquarter. SPAR International then distribute to the member companies in need of assistance. " SPAR China Chairman Wang Peihuan introduced.

As Italy is currently the most severely affected area in Europe, after receiving the masks and gloves donated by SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue, SPAR International transferred all the batches of anti-epidemic materials to the Italian DESPAR Group and issued a medal to SPAR Shandong Jiajiayue as a token of appreciation. .

"We will continue to organize SPAR partners in China, strengthen communication with SPAR International and European member companies, assist them in the procurement of epidemic prevention materials, and jointly fight the epidemic." Chairman Wang Peihuan  said.

In this era of globalization, mankind is a community of common future. The virus has no borders. In the face of the epidemic, more and more Chinese companies have demonstrated their strength and responsibilities through actual actions, and have contributed to China's efforts to build a community of shared future for humanity.

SPAR China Against Coronavirus

In the face of the current coronavirus outbreak, SPAR China regions are tirelessly working to serve the needs of their communities, ensuring the stability of supplies and prices, while also protecting the wellbeing of their customers and employees. 

From the start of the outbreak of the coronavirus in January, SPAR China Partners mobilized their strong supply chain networks to secure a reliable supply of daily fresh and grocery products, with a total commitment to offering shoppers high-quality products at stable prices. To meet increased demand from consumers unsure of availability, SPAR China Partners have further strengthened procedures throughout their integrated supply chains to respond to peaks in demand for essential daily groceries. Stores are open seven days a week with extended opening hours in many regions to provide additional accessibility and ease of shopping to our customers. Online ordering options and home delivery services in a significant number of stores offer further support and convenience to shoppers seeking to avoid leaving their homes. 

Beyond food items, SPAR China Partners are supporting the communities it serves by stocking materials such as face masks, hand sanitizers, and disinfection supplies, with a focus on safeguarding availability and pricing. To support prevention and control measures nationwide, SPAR China Partners are also actively assisting health authority initiatives to create a safe and pleasant shopping environment for consumers. 
Across China, SPAR colleagues have been provided with face masks, gloves, and disinfectant supplies, as well as health training sessions. Further preventative measures include the implementation of additional cleaning and disinfectant schedules. Store floors, shopping baskets, carts, elevators, toilets and other areas are routinely disinfected extensively throughout the day. Attention is also given to the adequate ventilation in stores to ensure that the air in the stores remains fresh. In store, SPAR China Partners are also safeguarding the well-being of both consumers and employees by offering health checks and temperature monitoring facilities. 

Now with the whole nation's effort, the outbreak situation in China is now much better.  We believe that, with the whole world taking measures to fight against this virus, this pandemic will soon be fully controlled in all the countries. Stay strong better together.
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