The 1st SPAR Henan Store Grand Open

Published on: 2014-10-14
The 1st SPAR Henan Store Grand Open
The first SPAR Store at Qi County is grand open on August 27th after a few months of intense decoration and preparation since the official registration of SPAR China group and establishment of SPAR Henan in April this year, it warmly welcomed all the customers on the opening day with exciting shopping atmosphere and comfortable shopping experience.

The new store opened its store at 9 o’clock morning and welcomed the exciting shoppers who eager to experience and see the international SPAR branded store. Walking in the store, you can see the clean and brilliant sales floor, beautiful lights illuminated, comfortable furnishings and atmosphere created, and long people lines in front of the cashier counters.

The renovated new store is equipped with well-proven customer based operation system, modern management technology and joint buying and selling system, all formats are elaborately designed based on different customer demands. Comparing with the old store plan, the new plan has more detailed and exquisite walking aisle signage, more compact merchandising layout, easier shopping experience in store.

In addition, the store has prepared a series of opening promotion programs on the opening day including TV big awards, spend**get free gifts, lucky draw and the like programs for all customers, introducing in an amazing shopping experience.

Chairman Mr. Yang Yong and many management leaders are greatly supported the opening of first SPAR store at Qi County, Henan. SPAR Henan Sanmao Group, as the leading local retailer in Kaifeng, Henan, today owns over hundreds of large and middle sized shopping malls and chained stores and independent stores in Kaifeng regions after over 20 years of development, who owns the most number of retail stores in Henan province up to date. SPAR Henan Sanmao Group today is ready to take the opportunity of international integration, to learn modern management technology and to create first-class retail operation team.

SPAR is a typical organization in developing volunteering retail chains, fresh is SPAR’s best value and advantage to compete with regional competitors, which is the right need of SPAR Henan Sanmao Group. Joining SPAR International at the right transition moment of Sanmao Group is obviously a new hope for Qi County Store.

Value is the best element for SPAR Qi County store attracting more loyalty customer, what is more, customer shall also benefit from SPAR Henan’s more favorable pricing strategy, perfect in-store facilities, quality service.
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