The 6th SPAR China LOGIT Congress Held in DG

Published on: 2017-06-05
The 6th SPAR China LOGIT Congress Held in Dongguan
As the retailing market becomes more competitive, Chinese retailers have been paid much more attention on the development of fresh products and have reached a consensus on standardization of fresh supply chains.

Under this background, the 6th SPAR China LOGIT Congress was held at Hongmei Conference Center, Dongguan, Guangdong from 25 to 26 May, hosted by SPAR Guangdong. The LOGIT Congress, themed as “Green Fresh, Quality Logistics”, highlighted the new trends of logistics and IT applications, shared advance SPAR concepts, and put forward strategies to help SPAR partners cope with the ever changing internal and external competitiveness in fresh supply chains. 

Mr. Tang Haibing, head of SPAR China Logistics is hosting the LOGIT Congress, bringing together SPAR International logistic expert Dr. Dieter Dornauer, Head of SPAR International Operations Tom Rose, SPAR International Supply Chain Executive Harm Huismans Supply Chain Executive, Head of SPAR UK Transportation Mark, more than 70 delegates from regional partners, suppliers and guests. This is the sixth year for SPAR China LOGIT event and SPAR Guangdong host for the second time. 

Hu Jintai Chairman of SPAR Guangdong Addressed the Congress
SPAR China LOGIT Congress unveiled on 25 May by Mr. Hu Jintai. He extended his warm welcome to all the guests. “This is the 6th year of SPAR China LOGIT event and luckily SPAR Guangdong host it for the second time. We are seeing an increasing number of regional partners getting involved with us. A decade ago, majority of SPAR regional partners have not yet started logistics business excepting SPAR Shandong. However, after over ten years’ development, today, we are proud to announce that SPAR China has grown to ten distribution centers with total area of 400,000 square meters and is implementing increasingly higher level logistic practices. All these are benefit from the core value of SPAR Family – SHARE. The future competitiveness of supply chains is critical for retailers, so I strongly believe SPAR colleagues shall work together to achieve greater success.”

Head of SPAR International Operations Tom Rose, on behalf of SPAR International, extended his gratitude to all the delegates and guests for their attendance in this event. He briefly introduced the new developments of SPAR worldwide. As the world’s largest voluntary food retail chain, SPAR ended the year 2016 with 12,545 stores in 44 countries and a global turnover of €33.1 billion, 350,000 SPAR colleagues employed, serving 13 million customers per day. Worth to mention, SPAR developed a new format SPAR Natural. SPAR Natural is a new health store concept that specializes in organic foods and an array of hygiene products and cosmetics, a very competitive retail store in the market.

SPAR International and China Experts Share Best Practices in Logistics
Based on the theme of “Green Fresh, Quality Logistics”, SPAR International logistics experts Dr. Dieter Dornauer comments: Ensure our products stay green and fresh at the point of sales is not just a matter of buyers and store operations, it is also the result of supply chain itself. Fruits and vegetables delivery stays at the shortest life cycle on supply chains. Speed, process and environment conditions are the key factors for quality fruit and vegetable delivery. 

Mark, Head of SPAR UK’s Transportation, shared his best practices on dynamic transportation planning. SPAR has five partners in UK, runs totaling 2,343 stores and reports annual sales£3.9 billion pounds. Mark works for Blakemore, one of SPAR UK Partners. Blakemore is the largest local retailer with annual sales£1.2 billion pounds, among which, £750 million pounds are contributed by SPAR branded stores. Blakemore supported its stores with dynamic transportation planning strategy, which allows the minimum drivers and vehicles to complete delivery in an efficient way against the weather problem and unfixed orders. Mark suggests: “the application of the new technology is essential for goods delivery. Service satisfaction is much increased when we replace the previous fixed planning with dynamic planning.”

SPAR International Supply Chain Executive Harm Huismans introduced current achievements in SPAR international supply chains, and studied the best practices in SPAR South Africa, SPAR Netherland and SPAR Spain. Head of SPAR International Operations Tom Rose briefed his experiences in store operations. Head of SPAR China Logistics Tang Haibin and Analysts Huang Fei also delivered their speech to the Congress.  

Delegates from SPAR China regional partners reported their strengths and weakness in 2016, and the new partner SPAR Yunan also gave an introduction to their business at the event.

CCFA Tian Ruifeng, as one of our invited outside speaker, introduced the current situation and development trends of China’s Retail Supply Chains. Delegates from our suppliers including HEADING, LOSCAM, CABKA_IPS, CHEP, IFCO, Paragon have attended this Congress also and shared their insights on logistics and IT applications.  

SPAR Guangdong, as the host of this Congress, especially awarded “Excellence for SPAR China” and “Excellence for SPAR International”, and honored Dr. Dieter Dornauer’s “Exceptional Contributions” for their strong support on the development of DC in Guangdong.

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