The First SPAR Flagship Store unveiled in Jiangmen, Guangdong

Published on: 2020-09-04
Jiangmen is a city in Guangdong Province in southern China. On August 29, the first SPAR Flagship store in the city unveiled at Taishan Wanda Shopping Center, as an anchor store that draws customer in. 

Within the sales area of 6,000㎡, the SPAR supermarket offers extensive food choices and daily essentials. As the first SPAR flagship store in Jiangmen, it has a simple yet modern look, offering customers friendly service and a comprehensive product assortment. It is a brand-new shopping destination for local residents.

Fresh is key
The SPAR supermarket offers an expansive fresh produce, meat, fish and seafood at competitive price, including Kirin fruit, kiwano and other exotic fruits that you can hardly find at local market, as well as regional fresh meat, New Zealand beef and Boston Lobster. Fresh items are sold on a daily basis for food safety and health. 

Frozen and chilled food is also a key focus in this store. Benefited from a strong temperature-controlled supply chain of SPAR Guangdong, all fresh meat and dairy products are distributed, transported and displayed through a cold supply chain to ensure their quality and freshness.

Wine & Drinks 
In the wine and drinks section, shoppers can easy access to a comprehensive range of wines, from value to premium, domestic and international, basic and popular, white and red. The wine section is designed as a wine cellar, and is temperature controlled to ensure optimal conditions. 

Food Solutions
The culinary team offers a range of delicious prepared foods made in-store every day, from fresh-baked bread and pizzas, to rotisserie chickens and hot dishes. There is also a high-end instore seafood restaurant and seating area. 

Friendly customer service
The supermarket offers all the latest technologies and devices including self-checkout system, scale equipment for weighing, self-service, and convenience solutions. To response effectively to common injuries and emergencies, the store provides first-aid kits and drinking water at the Customer Service Counter. 
During August 29th to 31st, SPAR Guangdong offered ¥10 coupons to those who registered as SPAR members. Beyond offering a vast assort of special offers and discounts, all seafood purchased at SPAR supermarket can be freshly cooked at store kitchen free of charge.

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